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Liked Haunted (The Bear Queen)

A Poem by Artemis Gannon The chill carries ghostsAnd idle boastsof pain I can’t outlastForced to rememberA lost NovemberThat I can not move past. Thank you to all my patrons! Who have deemed …

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Liked The Real Dark Web by Charlie OwenCharlie Owen

Dark matter permeates the universe. In fact it does more than permeate. It is the universe. 85% percent of everything that exists is actually dark matter. We can’t detect it, we can’t see it. But it’s there. In fact, the universe that we actually perceive, what you and I are made of, is the so-calle…

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Liked SpinTime DJ on CBC by Steven Garrity (Acts of Volition)

I got to join Matt Rainnie this week on the CBC Radio Mainstreet program for the SpinTime DJ segment. I got to choose three songs, which is harder than it sounds. First, I had to get over myself and realize I didn’t have to take it as seriously as those who assembled the Voyager Golden …

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Liked The gift of story by an author

It’s my birthday and I love getting gifts, but I love it even more to give gifts. So today I give you, dear reader, the gift of a new story: The Oodlanders.
It’s the story that I wrote during Crafting {:} a Life, so for some of my readers it is not new. It is however more polished and shareable …

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